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Kill the Messenger! - Parker Peters
Kill the Messenger!
Sorry if I've been away; physical therapy is rough.

The best news I have today: my casts are off. My legs have had a bath and no longer stink. My skin no longer itches. Now, I have to rebuild the muscles. That's going to be difficult, they can barely hold themselves up right now, let alone the rest of me.

An interesting thing's been going on in Wikipedia in my absence, however. A user by the name of DennyColt has been on a campaign, together with abusive administrators like SlimVirgin and JzG, to have what they claim are "attack sites" banned from being linked by Wikipedia. Even on talk pages. Even though Wikipedia's external links are now nofollow, and don't get indexed by search engines.

This is but one step more in the continued closing-off of Wikipedia. <a href="http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikien-l/2007-April/067930.html">They're closing ranks</a>. The goal is, quite simply, to try to <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Attack_sites">shut up everyone they disagree with.</a>

DennyColt has gone so far as to quote his own essay, referenced above, claiming it is "policy" and reason enough to remove links from wikipedia.

I've been having some interesting e-mail exchanges, and an interesting time watching what goes on with Wikipedia in general.

In particular to note:

FIRST - the "Unblock-en-l" list, which was supposedly created to allow a new avenue for people to seek unblock (once people on wikien-l got tired of people asking for unblock there), has been Completely Closed Off. The archives are no longer public record. Nobody is allowed to subscribe, save for those who are in the "good graces" of a certain group of abusive administrators already. Anyone can submit an email to it, but until such time as they see an email back, they cannot see the discussion surrounding them, or the behavior of those inside the group.

I can tell you why this is. It is simply because the Unblock-en-l group is a total and utter fraud. It was never intended, and has never been intended, that it be a legitimate place for legitimate users to get unblocked. Rather, it's yet another rubber-stamp on the lies and deception necessary to keep anyone who page-owning administrators and interest groups feel might one day be part of a consensus against their particular point of view, out.

SECOND - Interesting emails have come to me. They are transcripts of the private "discussion" surrounding the banning of anyone who disagrees with abusive administrators in general on wikien-l, and in particular, my own ban - which was placed, not for the lying reasons they gave, but because I was making sense, I had exposed their lies and abuses, and they knew that I had the proper evidence on a CheckUser that they had deliberately lied about. They source to David Gerard, and my analysis was spot-on; he was the genesis of the banning campaign, which is no surprise, as he's always been the most totalitarian, corrupt, hotheaded, and completely worthless representative of any of the Wikipedia and Wikien-l higher-ups.

Such is the Wikipedia way, the way that exists in most totalitarian states; if you are not right, you simply kill the messenger. They are doing their level best to do this, to this day. That they are trying to close off and shutter anyone who exposes them, and further hiding their back channels to hide their misdeeds, is plenty of proof.

How very interesting... it appears that David Gerard (IP address, precisely the same as earlier!) is once again trolling this site.

David, since I know you're reading this, feel free to go soak your totalitarian, corrupt, worthless head.
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From: mgmirkin Date: December 5th, 2007 09:34 pm (UTC) (Link)

I hear ya'!

Makes one wonder if it's not now simply a place to go to be PUT ON A WATCH LIST of suspected vandals or ne'er-do-wells...

IE, if you send them an e-mail asking for a site to be unblocked, and they don't like the site, I wonder if they put you on a WP-Secret-Police "watch list..."

Wouldn't doubt it. Secrecy is the enemy of democracy. WP seems to be undermining its own democratic process with all its secret watch lists, BADUSER & BADSITE lists, etc., etc.

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