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Essjay and the ongoing abuses at Wikipedia - Parker Peters
Essjay and the ongoing abuses at Wikipedia
The past couple weeks, Wikipedia finally had what could be described as a full-blown meltdown. One of the "rising stars" of the project was an administrator named Essjay.

For a long time, "Essjay" was a highly "respected" (read: cabal member) administrator. He claimed multiple degrees in religious study, and used these claimed credentials to add to the weight of his arguments in content disputes, especially when he was introducing material to attack the Catholic Church.

Eventually, he got high up enough that Jimbo hired him at Wikia, another branch of Jimbo's setup. Due to this, Essjay's nature was finally revealed.

He was a 24-year-old kid named Ryan Jordan. Didn't have a single degree, much less multiple graduate-level degrees.

Immediately, the shit hit the fan as it were. The New York Times - which had published an interview with "Essjay" earlier - was forced to print a disclaimer that they hadn't known about Essjay's real identity. Jimbo, off in India, released a statement in his usual clueless sense saying that he supported Essjay's duplicity fully. A few days later and a couple doses of "wake the hell up" juice, and Jimbo asked Essjay to resign.

Meanwhile, the Wikipedia spin machine's been hard at work. The administrators most enamored of power, types like David Gerard, have been working overtime to quash anyone who isn't fully supportive of Essjay. A "Request for Comment" on Essjay's duplicity was bounced around through three or more areas of wikipedia to try to hide it, and then Gerard came along and deleted it out of hand.

Users who post comments that are less than flattering to Essjay's talk page or elsewhere are routinely having their comments deleted and their accounts banned by the power-hungry administrators, for reasons of "civility." The count is currently up to at least 50 users, with ban reasons ranging from "incivility at Essjay's page" to "Don't dance on someone's grave."

Look below, and I'm sure the pattern will be clear; it's the same pattern I pointed out before. Hide the content, Delete what you don't like, Ban your opponent, and claim they were being "incivil" or something else.

On an unrelated note: After my "banning" from the wikien-l mailing list, I emailed Jimbo. He didn't respond. I also had an email exchange with one Mark Ryan, who claims he "abstained" from the decision on the mailing list banning.

He asked me to send an email to all of the other list administrators, to request a review. I did so.

I got an interesting response back. Not a single one of them would answer the real email I sent. However, one did decided to make a throwaway email account, copying my email back, with "fuck you" as the only added content.

The email address sent from was "ParkerPetersIsAFag@hotmail.com." The IP address? London, British Telecom, DSL line.

David Gerard is the only possible suspect.
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From: (Anonymous) Date: March 8th, 2007 05:38 pm (UTC) (Link)

Check this out...Jimbo knows

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