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Wikipedians hiding the truth some more - Parker Peters
Wikipedians hiding the truth some more
Interesting thing that passed by my email inbox today; apparently the Wikipedian overlords are so embarassed by my exposing their abuse, that their response has been to abuse more.

A while back I wrote a goodbye letter, that was posted to the wikien-l mailing list. This was the genesis of some of their bad behavior, especially David Gerard, who I specifically named for his past abuses.

The email was originally in Wikipedia's mailing list archive list at this address. Notice something?

Yes, that's right. Someone sort-of-cunningly reindexed the month.

The correct link is now here.

Why would they do this? Presumably, it's an attempt to hide the post. They know they'd get caught if they just deleted it, but if they just "shift" it a bit... sneaky, boys.
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